A.C.E. Standardized Inteligence Test Results
For Test Administered Saturday, July 15th at the Trilogy Show

 To interpret these results -

The average knowledge (read: the answer that was picked most often) was considered to be the correct answer because studies show that the majority is always correct. Therefore your answers were measured against the norm. When there was a variance (read: you were wrong) it was recorded as a minus one (-1). The more variances the lower the general IQ. Studies show that being different is wrong. The drawing portion of the test was measured separately and interpreted by a fortune teller. These results are listed at the bottom. If you feel any of these findings are in error, then deduct 10 more points from your score because study show that tests given by institutes are always correct.

Your Results Your Drawing

To draw crazy flipped out hair-do's denotes pleasant work and good news to come like someone telling you your lawn looks nice.

Your Score = 57
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