November 2008 - Las Vegas

 The American tries out a little tip from
a friend of hers.

A.C.E. has always measured their
self-worth in pounds of luggage.

 Matthew and Linda gaze out the
window of the Paris hotel to remind
themselves that they are not actually
in Paris, France.

 More than physical skill, stilt walking
takes flare.

 Dr. Evelyn Guise, Dr. Jeremy Foxx
and Dr. Lillian Dayes roam SUN's
opening reception seeking out test

 Trough scientific analysis of his
drawing, this SUN employee
discovers he is actually at the wrong

Dressing room or cage? As comedians
you never know. A.C.E. assumes the

Vicki and Sharla prepare the
attendees for take off.

Moments before Sharla actually
broke her face by producing a smile
that was bigger than her head.

SUN's new pep squad prepares to take
the stage. By prepare we mean sit
around on the floor until that dude
stops blah, blah, blahing.

Nothing like spankies on the big

To save the SUN attendees the
trouble of buying tickets to one
Vegas' many Cirque du Soleil shows,
A.C.E. captured the essence of them
all. (basically smoke, blue light and
unintelligible lyrics.)
Work is done. Now it's playtime--->

A.C.E. was seven strong in Vegas
since they had they great fortune to
bring their families along.

Little "C" gets a thrill ride from the
American and Matthew's wife, Susan
(coincidentally also an American.)

Wondering if it's still lucky when it's a
replica made out of chicken wire and

A.C.E. and friends doing what they
do best. (Posing for pictures, not
drinking. Jeez.)

All Blue Man'd up and ready to go.

The girls chat at the Peppermill
Fireside Lounge about what is the
correct brass to glass ratio for bar.

Feeling left out with his plain ol'
Budwiser, the Englishman tarts his
drink up a bit.

 Why it's called the Fireside Lounge.

(They were going to call it the Don't
Set Your Drink Near the Fire or Your
Ice Will Melt Lounge, but that
wouldn't fit on the business cards.)


 Siegfried and Roy are indeed still in
Vegas, just now they are 20 feet tall
and way overly bronzed.  (And it looks
like their cat is still hungry.)

The Englishman's recent CPR
training pays off when A.C.E.
stumbles upon this down soldier.
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