September 2008
If you spotted super villains just off
Hwy 36 on your way to work last
week, you weren't crazy.

A.C.E. was decked out as the
badest of the bad as part of a
Peoples Productions video for the
2008 Esprit Entrepreneur Awards.

The only thing more villainous than
spandex is spandex under a lab coat.

The Canadian was the resident

Dr. Suess-ian is about as evil as
Linda can get.

Taping in "The Lair."  Why do evil-
doers have lairs?  Why not just a
condo or something?

So, so evil.

Seven hours in, Matthew starts to
believe his super powers are real.

The beautiful thing about shooting in
Boulder...A.C.E. blended right in.

The magic of green screen (prior to
the magic part.)

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