August 2006

A.C.E. came along with Matrix to Keystone, Colorado for three days of comedic interludes.

The daring and enthusiastic Matrix
Pep-Squad prepares backstage just
prior to kicking off the whole event
with a dramatic tumbling routine.

During the cocktail hour, Denny, Earl
and Mark were called in to investigate
a reported "hot air" leak.

There was a great amount of finger
pointing when the boys confronted
attendees about the source of the
reported hot air.

You can never use too much Caution
Tape.  It's for safety.

Bright and early in the expo hall the
Rocky Mountain Hunting Experience
booth opens to test sharp shooting

Amazingly this gentleman hits the
first deer square on even prior to his
morning coffee.

Everyone gets to bag one
(sometimes two) at the Colorado
Hunting Experience.

The Synchronized Ball Washers head
out to keep the balls clean during
the afternoon golf tournament.

This unsuspecting foursome isn't
aware of the level of ridiculousness
that is about to rain down on them.

This participant was heard to say, "Is
this really happening?  Where's my
camera?"  (He was right to question.) 

Unlike other companies, Matrix,
doesn't assume their attendees know
the finer points of "Break Taking," so
they brought in experts.

To wrap up the event, the Three
Biddies hit the crowd drawing
amazingly life-like caricatures. 

Objects in drawing may be larger
than they appear.

Mabel makes a friend using her adept
artistic skills.

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