A.C.E. presents

Aspen, Colorado March 1-3, 2001

A.C.E. receives the
"Most Likely to Succeed Award"
for 2001

A.C.E., who won top honors at the same festival in 1999 & 2000, was awarded the coveted "Most Likely to Succeed Award" at the Aspen Comedy Fringe Festival 2001. This special recognition is awarded by the Aspen Comedy Fringe Festival committee, made up exclusively of A.C.E., to the comedy troupe that shows that they really have what it takes to make it in the professional comedy industry.

A.C.E. receives the
"Most Likely to Succeed Award"
for 2001

The Biddies do caricatures before the Catherine O'Hara show.

This man was visibly moved by Mable's likeness.

Mable was also the designated drink tester.

BBC America invited A.C.E. to tape a promo
for their emerging cable channel.
A.C.E.'s special rendition of their national anthems brought a tear to everyone's eye... but not necessarily for the right reasons.


Drs. Guise, Foxx and Days simplify food and cooking at
the renown Cooking School of Aspen.
A.C.E.'s performance that won them
"Most Likely to Succeed"
Ode to Barbara Fury hath no wrath like Barbara Gehring on a mission. Don't get in her way, Or you'll collide with her ambition. When other say, "I can't. It's hard." That's Barbara's siren song. She'd chat it up with God himself, And bring A.C.E. along.

A.C.E. the moments
just before The Catherine O'Hara Incident.

The actual table where Barbara spoke at length
with her idol, Catherine O'Hara from SCTV.

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