A.C.E. presents

The Boycott of the 4th Annual Aspen Comedy Fringe Festival February 27 - March 2, 2002

A.C.E. protests themselves
on the Hyman Avenue
Mall in downtown Aspen
Much to their surprise A.C.E. boycotted themselves at their 2002 Aspen Comedy Fringe Festival Click here for details.

The Canadian finds protesting from
a seated position much less taxing.

The threesome was eager to pass out
their literature to passers-by.

Trying to cover all his bases,
Matthew attempts to gain a tree's
sympathy for the cause.
(The aspen later had Matthew
arrested for harassment.)

Confident that the Fringe Festival
Committee had gotten the message,
A.C.E. left their signs posted in
a prominent area and went off to
lament their falling out with themselves.

In an unprecedented act of hostility, the wild
bell boy stand of the Hotel Jerome
attacks Barbara's left knee.
Later the Canadian regales the St. Regis Lounge with tales of her brush with the solid oak box.

The Englishman won the
"Most Likely to Appear in a
Dr. Suess Book" Award prior to
the Cartoon Network presentation.

The Biddies dropped by the
festivities to offer their skills
as caricature artist.

Mable takes a moment to
explain to a  gentleman
that the drawing was, in deed, of him

Phone booths at the St. Regis
are just for checking in
with your agent back in L.A.
The last remaining remnant of the protest, just hours earlier, is discovered by Michelle Miracle, seen here just prior to her appearance on the Today Show to talk about the stick.

The American nearly had her next picture
deal closed before she realized the
mannequin only looked like Ron Howard.

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