A.C.E.'s Back to School Night February 16 & 17, 2001 Old Logan Street School

A.C.E. got back to the basics - Reading, Writing and a Really-Fun-Time as they presented a night of extra-curricular comedy inspired by the world of academia.

Katrina, Biff and Trina: The Peppiest of the A.C.E. High Pep Squad

Ms.Butts greets new "students" in the lobby.

Elvis, the custodian, struggles with his duties.

The New and Improved Pledge of Allegiance

The Canadian and Englishman persuade the
American through song.

Science has never been so simple.

The student body assembles for Career Day!
The talented pep squad finished off the evening...and each other.

The two best words in show biz.

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