A.C.E. does The Second City

January 2001 A.C.E. played to a capacity crowd in Chicago when the Skybox Studio Theatre at the famed Second City invited A.C.E. to perform their multi-sensory comedy show in January of 2001. A.C.E. makes the Chicago Sun-Times

A dollar a bag adds up to a small fortune
when you're A.C.E.

It takes nerves of steel to properly
load a popcorn cannon.

On stage at Second City's
Donny's Skybox Theatre

The after-show-glow.

Full-time A.C.E. Fan Club president and
part-time magician, Jim Sanden, dazzles
with his slight of hand.

Barbara is now the Jim Sanden
Fan Club President.

The E and The C covet Martha Stewart's
left-over water in the green room of
the International Housewares Show

Matthew attempts to remove
his own ear to relive himself of an
excruciating ear infection.

Racking the miles.


There is a reason why every hotel pool posts "No Horseplay"

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