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Chronos January 2002 Chronos was a night of comedy inspired by mysteries of time, change and the general chronology in which we all live.

The Russian Synchronized Group Luge
team does a luge inspection
before the time trials.

Andrea, Nadia and Adnausia keep
low to build speed on the short
but brutal luge run at the
Dairy Center for the Arts.

Concerned that Synchronized
Group Luge was not in the line
up at the Salt Lake games, the
Russian team gathers
signatures in protest.

As commonly thought, 
the future is all about silver
spandex and oversized time pieces.

The Englishman signs a rousing
rendition of "I'm Old Because I Don't
Get Today's Fashion."

The Biddies gaze into the future of
this young audience member using
a deck of fortune telling cards...which
very much resembled
Upper Deck trading cards.

Making their A.C.E. debut,
smartly dressed Maxi Rack and
Trixie Suede give pointers on
how to be a secret agent.

Maxi Rack and Trixie Suede
Special Agents

with their ever-present sidekick

Being a secret agent is not all about
kicking and karate chops...but that's
most of it.

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