A.C.E. at 9000 feet

September 2001 - Crested Butte Center for the Arts After their well received performance of 1998, A.C.E returns to the one-time home of the Englishman - beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado. A.C.E. in the Crested Butte News

A.C.E. on KBUT radio

Crested Butte audience
members were treated to ballet
parking at it's best

Self park is half price.

Crested Butte has very liberal laws
about nursing in public.

The extended A.C.E. family sets
out on a hike.

A short hike.


To make sure the weekend ran
smoothly, the renown event coordinators
Bubble and Squeak, tested all
liquor products before allowing A.C.E.
to partake.

Crested Butte is beautiful, go there.

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