A.C.E. presents

June 13, 2001 at the Gotham City Improv Theatre in New York City

A.C.E.'s digs in New York are
constant reminder that
Hunter "Big Daddy" Douglas is
no longer flipping the bill.

A.C.E. makes their New York debut just slightly off Broadway at the Gotham City Improve Theatre. This rounds out their trifecta of L.A., Chicago and New York all inside of seven months.

Matthew stands in front of the
Empire State Building where he
proposed to his wife of seven

Klein saw the sign, and took
the advice.

Many parts of New York City
are actually held together with
household duct tape.

The A.C.E. Orchestra, Jamie
Krutz, is impressed by New
York's new fangled hand-set free
public phones.

Paul, Tech-man, Orosz shows
the New York City transit system
who's boss.

Matthew saves time each
morning by only shaving
one quadrant of his face. 

In the hours before their performance
A.C.E. finds some tranquility in
Central Park...as well as over priced
soft pretzels.
A rare glimpse of the wild tech wizard in his lair.

Linda, resident American and
munitions expert, wires cannons
with deft fingers and a sassy

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