A.C.E. presents

The Green Show

"Life through green colored glasses" March 16, 2002 Contemporary Art Museum - Denver

Like the song says, being green has its challenges.
A.C.E. presented the sold-out performance as a tribute to this under-appreciated portion of the visible light spectrum.
Part-time docents of the Contemporary Art Museum explain the deep meaning of the audience's doodles.
The narrator of the Marionette Players interacts during the exciting retelling of an ancient, or perhaps made-up folk tale.

The adventuresome siblings
head into the enchanted forest.
The talent behind (or above) the magic of marionettes.
One of the beautiful "Seed Girls" helps out during Europe's number one gardening show on PBS.
Inspired by audience jackets found on the coat rack, three unlikely characters (including a possessed squirrel) come together to find true love.

A.C.E. reflects a moment before
exposing their true colors.
Unbeknownst to their fans, and A.C.E. themselves, Linda, Barbara and Matthew are actually aliens from the distant planet of xyyxz. And now must return home aboard their rocket that brought them to earth back in 1910.

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