May & June 2002

By coincidence, the famed mountain climbing team of Hillary Edmund, Mary ___ and Monty ____ passed by the front of the Bug Theatre en route to scale the entirety of Navajo Street from Broomfield to Littleton

Loaded with determination, the team
relies more perseverance than

Mary has to drag her compromised
team partners up the last five feet of
the climb, nearly strangling them in
the process. 

A.C.E. invites their audience along as
they explore the world of the tall.

As is his forte, The Englishman takes
awkward moments to new heights...

...proving that nothing stands
between an Englishman and
good manners.

Know Your Canadian Neighbors:
If there is something awkward or
dangerous on a stage, like say, a set
of really steep stairs, a Canadian
will be compelled to tackle it
on stilts.

Having seen a lot in their lives,
Mable, Mable and Mable don't bat
an eye when their table shows
up for work 7 1/2 feet tall.

Jamie Krutz, the A.C.E. Orchestra
serenades from the "Tree House."

The American shows amazing
circus-like talent.

The difference between falling
and dancing when on stilts
is negligible

Audience member, Mitzie, was
delighted when A.C.E.'s ode to her
in song, put to rest those rumors
about her being ditzie.
After a hair-raising journey in to space, the audience gets a chance to meet the crew of the
TheatreCraft 9000 as well as their "hero" who saved the day.

Although no one except those on
board will ever know exactly what
happened on the space craft that
night as it careened out of control,
evidence points to alien attack.
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