A.C.E. in

"In The House"

Friday, April 23, 1999

After performing in various theatrical
venues around Denver, A.C.E.decided to take its character driven brand
of comedic variety show to a new, more creative locale...namely a house!
Moving from room to room the audience had the opportunity to meet
several of their favorite A.C.E. characters as well as some brand new ones.
1. A.C.E. meets and greets
2. Sherry Kay arrives for make-up demo
3. The Piglioni's invite everyone for spaghetti
4. Julie and Angus whip up a concoction in the kitchen
5. A '79 Honda is auctioned to the highest bidder
6. A.C.E. takes singing in the shower to a whole new level
7. A bedtime story is now in order
8. The Biddies handle a power outage by bringing
out the Ouija Board