A.C.E.'s In the Raw IV July 7th, 2001 The Subterranean Theatre - Boulder

A.C.E., known for their lavish sets, costumes and outrageous sight gags, is stripping their show bare and presenting a performance of their pure comedic essence.

No Costumes, No Props...No Scripts.

(No nudity either, although this promotional photo would suggest otherwise)

The threesome explores the
cultural differences in Ring Around the Rosey, 
eventually rewriting the entire song..

The Englishman discovers the joys of
talking lipstick.

Everyone worships something...the A and the C
are no exception.

Many of improv's finer moments are
are discovered through dance.

Lots of people ask, "Isn't there a more
uncomfortable way to sit on my bar
 stool?"  Barbara says, "Yes indeed!"

It is rumored that the Canadian secretly 
replaced her spine with a rubber band
in early childhood.  The benefits of which
she is still reaping.
The finale.

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