July 2006

The Ring-Tone Interpretive Dancers,
here being put to the test, create
spontaneous movement art, inspired
by any cell phone ring tone.

Some ring-tones are rather dramatic.

The tips received by this group alone
had the dance group considering the
merits of doing this full-time.

The American, the Canadian and the
Englishman do what they do best -
chat it up with the audience.

The A.C.E. Orchestra, Jamie Krutz,
constantly stands at the ready to
create a spontaneous soundtrack to
scenes...or sometime perform
musical triage.

In an unprecedented move, Mabel
actually nearly helped set up the
Biddie table.

For some reason most folks
approach this harmless trio with a bit
of trepidation.  Must be the lighting.

A.C.E. challenges its audience to a
game of Deer Pursuit.

Some deer are harder to bring down
than others...ask any hunter.

The trio explores a day in the life of
an over-sized jug band performance
group. (They were probably from

As only the most artful of Hungarians
can do, Matius and Barishka execute
the dramatic moves that earned them
an unprecedented perfect score form
the Japanese judge.

Against much protest by the athletes,
Pairs Cart Skating began to allow
visible sponsorship logos in 2003.
This pair is sponsored by Safeway.

The show ended with a live
presentation from TroutWorld. Read
more about it. Click here.
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