A.C.E. To-Go Show

A.C.E. kept their audience on the go as the comedy trio transformed the streets of Denver into a giant venue for their outrageous comedy show.

It was a wild ride that bent all possible barriers with characters, music and the completely unexpected.

Denver Free Press reviews A.C.E.'s To-Go Show

"...an overwhelming success."

Andrea, Adnausia and Nadia (three Russian ballet dancers) contemplate hard times ahead as the Ballet Parking business proves less than successful.

The audience hitch-hiking in South Denver.

Hitch-hiking paid off!

The coach attendants, Vicki, Sharla and first officer, Chad, provide in-coach entertainment.

The three Biddies (all named Mable) collect
nickels from audience members buying
back their stolen valuables.

"Three Coins in the Fountain" provided
the spectacular finale to the
A.C.E. To-Go Show

The audience was treated to a trip through Denver's most popular attraction, Wild Tree Safari, U.S.A.

After receiving important safety instructions from the park's wild tree expert, Dr. Attenborough, participants were given the opportunity to get up close and personal by feeding some of the park's most famous resident trees.

Click here to learn more about Wild Tree Safari, U.S.A.


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