A.C.E. goes international...

The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

July 1 - 8, 1999 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The festival begins with a parade and an opening
presentation from each troupe.

After only 10 months together, A.C.E. took their show over the border to The Canadian's homeland.

"" - Winnipeg Free Press "...hilariously funny...We were laughing so hard we were crying." - Robert Enright, CBC-TV

A.C.E.'s mantra, "Promotion, promotion, promotion."

Shamu's tricks and flips kept the first three rows
of the audience on their toes.

TechMan, Paul Orosz, shows the attitude that has won him
"A.C.E. Tech of the Year" 1999 & 2000.

A.C.E. on parade.

A.C.E.'s secret hide out somewhere in
Manitoba's lake country.
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The Biddies draw caricatures.

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