April 2004

A.C.E. spent two evenings moving continuously into, out of and around six completely different realms of creative inspiration in this totally improvised show.

Prior to entering the theatre
patrons were offered free eye exams.

In attempt to offer a complex, but
completely incorrect assessment of
each person's eye, Dr. Lillian Fox just
kept talking until her patients eyes
physically crossed.

After choosing a line, each audience
member had to read their way around
the theatre before taking a seat.

Pedro, the one-eyed Guatemalan
orphan, receives a little TLC from his
adopted parents in America.

Pedro has the opportunity to return
that love to his father.

The Canadian writes the one word
that could not be used to describe
any of the tripped-out scenarios that
appeared in the show.
Being a Victoria Secret model is just
a piece of paper away in the Blur

Thanks to A.C.E.'s little helper,
Tessa, the world's suspicions have
been proven. Canadian money does
not look "real."
Every kind of dance on Earth was
performed by A.C.E. during the two
night run of Blur...even a couple that
are most certainly not from Earth.
The Englishman regales the audience
with the little known tale of "Jack the
Sleepy Ripper."  Although
undetectable, due to the magic of
Hollywood, Matthew prosthetic hook
nose was actually just his finger.

The American, learning from the pan-
flute legend Zamphir, knows that with
the right expression on your face,
folks will think you can really play.

Barbara displays the perfect heavy-
metal posture.

Things can deteriorate quickly
when A.C.E. starts stealing beers
from the audience.

Although later exposed as an optical
illusion, Barbara claims to have
levitated a chair mid-show.

If the scene had gone on long
enough, the Linda would have
consumed the entire Canadian (four
times her recommended daily

A comfy couch and a slow ballad can
bring closure to even the most bizarre
of scenarios.

A.C.E. discovers an audience
member had smuggled her knitting
into the theatre  (Handy-crafts at
A.C.E. shows have been banned
since the unpleasant "Crochet Hook
Incident" in 1996.

Miss Muffet and The Spider learn to
look beyond their differences and
embrace diversity.

So accurately represented, it is hard
to tell that those are actually Linda's
fingers and toes and not Barbara's
family on a car trip to Florida.

Bizarrely enough, A.C.E. shares an
audience member's book
"Revolutionary Medicine 1700 - 1800."
 The most popular device was the oft
used "Bleeding Tree."

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