November 3,4 & 5, 2005

Matthew takes a quiet moment on
stage before the show to bone up a
little with Mic Napier's book -

You never know what - or who -
will grow out of a crack in
the sidewalk.

Nothing ever before has
inspired so many, quite like
the Jigging Mat.

A.C.E. re-invents Secretaries Day

Sometimes you find a dime in the
sofa, sometimes your co-worker.

As close as the American has
ever gotten to a strip tease.

Isn't is obvious?  They're dolphins, duh.

Matthew and Linda explore the
consequences of the world's only
marathon for crawlers.

Jamie, the A.C.E. Orchestra,
instantly composes the first
ever Secretary's Day carol.

A.C.E. pushes the boundaries
of the ever popular
Arms Expert game.

A.C.E. takes every opportunity to
showcase the audience's talents.
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