April 2003

A rare moment of actual

Audience members were offered a
Twister Opportunity
as they entered the theatre.

Nadia, Adnausia and Andrea
confirm that furry hats are as good
as passports in Russia.

Adnausia lives up to her name.

It is hard work keeping up the
whirlwind pace that a good
game of Russian Roulette

Winning at Bingä is not nearly
as challenging as setting up the

The custom made Bingä Balls really
fly around the fish bowl..well, at
least they were toasty warm.

The big winner won a key to
a Subaru...Mable just wasn't sure
which one it went to.
Learn more about Bingä.
Click here.

The amazing A.C.E. orchestra,
Jamie Krutz.

The cutest orchestra in comedy.
Learn more about Jamie - click here.

After getting through some
tough pie-related questions, the
winner of "Who Wants to Eat
Some Pie" fulfills the game's title.

As Vanna points out, no pie is
complete without some perfectly
chilled milk.

It's possible, although not certain,
that the Canadian's shin injury
could have been caused
when she flung herself headlong into
audience earlier in the show.

"Good Nigh Vienna" an improvised
song based on a story from
Matthew's sorted past, had the
potential to be a number one hit...
had anyone bothered to record it.


Hard-working, amazingly-dedicated,
Paul Orosz, Tech Wizard

Photos on this page are by
Peggy Irelan - click here.
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