January - March 2008 at the Avenue Theater

Celebrating the girlie-girlness that makes us girls!

Funny.  Hopscotch used to be a game,
now it's exercise.

More than the content of these diary
pages, seeing one's own 7th grade
spelling blown up and plastered on a
wall is the most mortifying.

Who knew a theatre could be so cold
in the winter

Discovering the $10,000,000 bra.
(What would be the tax and shipping
on that?)

If you can't get the diamond
encrusted one, a sequined bra will do
in a pinch.

Only the diary of a twelve year-old
can make you cringe and laugh out
loud at the same time.

Other people's purses can move an
audience to tears...or at least Barbara
and Linda.

A stop sign cannot actually be used
as a contraceptive.  Do not take

One of the darker moments in
woman's history.

The surprise shower was heavy on
surprise, light on shower.

Be afraid. The question that was just
read was, "Have you ever, while
driving, forgotten where you were

Barbara discovers 9/10 of playing a
guitar is knowing where to slap it.
Who needs strings?

Note reads: Let's take a 10 minute
break.  PS.  Barbara likes
does Linda.
A reminder that private parts should
remain private

Remember, girls, nothing works
100% of the time.

Warning: When doing a hand clap with
Barbara Gehring, wear padding.

Klein points out the distinction
between dirty socks and treasured

Barbara correctly notes that often
times we not only save things,
but things to save things in.

During "A Tribute to Mom", Linda's
mom realized the actual tribute here is
that those trumpet lessons she paid for
weren't a waste of money after all.

Let life flow, ladies, just let life flow.

Panty Hose: a love/hate relationship.

The extending Girls Only family.
Wait a minute...some of those are

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