"The Secret Comedy of Women"

July 2004

The women of A.C.E. presented an evening of the girl girlness that makes us girls.
The evening began, as did the
concept of the show, with sample
readings from Linda  and Barbara's
junior high diaries.

Puppetry of the Purse
explored the true character
hidden in every woman's handbag.

Stories from Home 
Both Linda's mother and Barbara's
mom via cell phone from Canada, told
interesting (and sometimes shameful:
see photo far right) anecdotes
from their past.

Girl Stuff
Every woman has them. Boxes of
little bits and random junk, when linked
together leave a bread crumb trail
through our lives.

"Knowing Yourself:
Inside and Out" 
These two folk singers bring honest
talk and body awareness to
fifth grade classrooms all over
the tri-state area.

Kotex Kraft Korner
The hottest craft show on cable
access examines the undiscovered
uses for feminine products, from dainty
sashes to super-quick Halloween
A Tribute to Moms 
What girl show would be
complete without a moment
dedicated to the most important
girl to us all.

The Big Finale
The song is right...their ain't nothing
like a dame. 

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