January 2004

A.C.E. demonstrated their appetite for fun as they delved in to the world of food to find
the humor in all that sustains us.

A celebration of Carmen
Miranda Day started off the festivities.

The Biddies used all means
necessary to assure a fruit hat
for all.

A Fruit Hat is always in style, even
for today's young go-getters.

Your first Fruit Hat experience
can be a little scary.  Mable takes
great care to fit everyone properly.

Jamie Krutz, the A.C.E. Orchestra,
Miranda-izes his look.

Hot glue doesn't stand a chance
with Mable at the trigger.

Mable eats in to the profits.

Chase Manhattan and Ginny Tonic
share a laugh seconds before Action
5 News hits the airwaves.

Rova Porter covers breaking
news out in the field.

Sheet of plastic? No, just excellent mime work.

The Canadian gets to experience
the latest in comfortable
American furniture.

The following four photos were recently deemed "utterly unexplainable" by the National Comedy Commission.
(Thus, we offer no explanation)

Making their first Olympic
appearance in Cart Skating, Matyus
and Boriska, from Hungary, wow the

Here Boriska executes the move
that has made her famous in
Cart Skating circles.

Overwhelmed by their unexpected
perfect score.

Hunter, with new friend Chris, reveals
the magical tale locked inside every
snack cake.

Miss Hope's 8th Period Home
Economics class started
with a short film on etiquette.

To review the film, click here.

Miss Hope doesn't take any
guff from her home economics

It's not a pretty job, but somebody
has to teach these kids to dance.

During the tour of old Watts-Hardy
Dairy, Charlene the tour guide
enlightens everyone with the Latin
names for the four utters on a cow.

The only thing that has been
around longer at the old Dairy than
Elvis the janitor, is his broom and

Elvis takes a coffee break.

The Storytime Players...
sponsored by Redi-Whip.

The Players tell the unlikely
tale of love found in
the middle of snow storm.

It's always a happy ending
for the Storytime Players.
A.C.E. Photographer - Peggy Irelan
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