November 2004


To begin the show in the true
spirit of Guy Fawkes Day,
audience members assisted three
oddly dressed conspirators in hauling
26 barrels of gun powder in to the
basement of parliament.

Remember, remember
The Fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot

Matthew informs the audience of
some of the lesser known details of
how "Bonfire Night" is freezing cold
temperatures and frequent trips to the
emergency room. 

The trio explores life before the
invention of the belt.

Thankfully, though, it was not
before the invention of big closing
musical number.

Jamie Krutz, the A.C.E. Orchestra,
manages to perform a beautiful song
in spite of the looming noose in

The Biddies took the audience back
in time to the year 1605.

Their time machine, although
effective, was quite noisy.

Time travel was clearly
evidenced by a calendar and a
novelty size wrist watch.

After easily sending the entire
audience back 400 years with little
effort, Mable wonders why that 
famous wheelchair guy makes
such a fuss.

Penny for the Guy!
(By "guy" we mean a sleepy
blonde Canadian in spandex.)

The bonfire is set alight!

Welcome to "Free Spirit Airlines"
where the tarmac is not the 
only runway.

A young girl tries hard to fit in
to her underwater family.
And finally succeeds.

Doubling as comedians and bar maids,
the women of A.C.E. wet the
audience's whistle in preparation for the
final toast.
To close out the evening the grim tale
of the conspirators' eventual demise
is recounted in song.
We see no reason why gunpowder
treason, should ever be forgot.

(Nor do we see any reason to ever
end an A.C.E. show without a beer in
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