November 2007

Remember, remember the fifth of November -- Gunpowder, teason and plot...

Rogers Comstock wonders if he'll be
the most famous of the 12

There no amount of conspiracy,
violence or dismemberment that can
stop A.C.E. from breaking out in
peppy song.

The official Fire Marshall tends to his
duties during intermission.

Captured on this un-retouched
photograph, what appears to be the
ghost of Guy Fawkes attending the
festivities...accompanied by the
lesser known, Mrs. Fawkes.

The Biddies struggle to leap into the
new century by offering a call-in
version of their Q & A.

The story of a very spoiled child and her
frustrated parents was played out in a
shadow play.

In the shadow world everything is two
dimensional.  Barbara is about to
experiment with a third dimension
and Linda prepares for the worst.

A.C.E.'s favorite finales always
include beer.

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