September 2003

A homecoming performance in Idaho Springs, the childhood home of A.C.E.'s American, Linda Klein

A.C.E.'s performance took place at the 120 year old United Center Special Events Facility.

Idaho Springs.
Small town,
Mountain living,
and a statue of Steve Canyon.

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Not the first time the American has performed on this stage. In the early part of her career she portrayed a sheep, a donkey and twice, an angel.

For the first time ever Mable, Mable and Mable are offered a motel room key in leu of a nickel. Hubba, hubba.

Watch for Aqua Marie - High School Mermaid this fall on CBS.

Singing? No, smoking a whole pack of mime cigarettes.

White Lung disease is no joke for the millions of comedians performing Cirque du Soleil parodies across the country.

This particular show set off A.C.E.'s baby powder particulate counter -- a whopping 470,000 parts per million.

Happiest Tech Boy in Town...

Really. Ask around.

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