July 2005

A.C.E. showed their audience what is so funny about the wilds of Colorado.

By lucky coincidence, the audience
was treated to a bus ride by the 
famous rockers - Death Puke.

Maybe not so lucky...

Eighteen months on the road
can be hard on a bus.  Or in
Death Puke's case, eighteen days.

Friendly passer-by assists
when the Death Puke bus
unexpectedly breaks down.

The Boys narrow in on the cause -
a beer can lodged in the drive train.

The beer can is finally dislodged
after some vigorous shaking of
the bus.

Back on the road, Ranger Rique
prepared the audience for
a hike in bear country.

The brave souls.





Thanks to all who made suggestions --

When A.C.E. accidentaly recieved 1600 extra postcards from the printer for their "In the Woods" show, they asked their fans what they should do with the extra. Here is what they had to say.

- Wallpaper my office.
- Do the same show next year on July 23rd.
- Use them for ballast
- Make dresses
- Wallpaper a small bathroom and include note that they can be used as emergency toilet paper if the roll is empty.
- Keep them, shred them and use them in the cannons for one of your shows.
- Shred them and bake them into a pie.
- Send them all to rep tom tancredo (r-islamabad).  tell him that you've discovered that ACE is a
multinational organization of islamic comics, and they intend to conduct a training session in the colorado
woods to make fun of christians and some unitarians.  raise the threat level to taupe!
- Punch hole in the top of them and tie a loop of yarn or string through the hole to make them
rear view mirror decorations.
- Leave a trail in the woods to find your way back home.

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