January 2004

A concert by Jamie Krutz, the ultra-talented A.C.E. Orchestra, included "The Music of A.C.E." 
and songs from his new CD "Open Eyes"

Although he is best known for all the
conventional instruments he has
mastered, Jamie Krutz can also
play a mean water bottle.

A perennial favorite at A.C.E. shows,
Jamie demonstrates why his
bow has to be restrung after every
playing of "Mom Goes to Mars."

(The song has no affiliation with

Though the expression might
suggest otherwise, Jamie is actually
a very congenial musician.

In the first half Jamie performed
solo. In the second half,
he performed with accompaniment
from the actual tracks he had
recorded for his new CD.

In a more light-hearted moment,
Jamie is accompanied by a flower
garden.  Back-up singers have never
looked so merry.


Credit for pulling off the event so
smoothly also goes to Jennifer
Thomas, Linda Klein, Chuck Phillips,
Paul Orosz and Lisa Cavalli.
(Thanks to Rob Orosz
for the photos.)
Learn more about the A.C.E.
Orchestra -- Click here.

Buy Jamie's CDs -- Email Mr. Krutz.

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