April 2006

A.C.E. was invited back to the Manitou Art Theatre for a second run of performances.
BLUR moves A.C.E. continuously into, out of and around six completely different realms of creative inspiration in this totally improvised show.

A.C.E. told the true story behind
the March of the Penguins.
Although the audience thought the
scene was purely a work of fiction,
the American was reliving an actual
ride in the Canadian's car.

A.C.E.'s cleanliness standards
are never taken for granted.


What happens when two painted
subjects want to break-up?

Barbara explores the moment when
a doodle becomes "art."


It's a duck doing tap dance, duh.

Finally, photographic proof that the Englishman does indeed have a greater number of joints than he's willing to let on.

The threesome discovers that the flute was actually intended to be played by two people and a massage therapist.

In a rare moment of musical integrity the American joins the A.C.E. Orchestra for a jam session and doesn't actually suck.

A.C.E. presented a touching story of a man and his pet bird...which ended in a beautifully played regurgitation scene.

The man behind the giant lips of Reggie the Dolphin.

Matthew often found himself in the realm of Spoken Word. When asked later, he said, "I feel I have so many to spare."

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