January 2005

A.C.E. played to three packed houses at wonderful Manitou Art Theatre in downtown
Manitou Springs - in the foothills just outside Colorado Springs.

Living up to their reputation
as being the most well
prepared folk group of the 70's,
Patchwork solicits song lyrics
from audience members prior to
opening for A.C.E.

Reliving the heady days of 1972.

As the warm up act for A.C.E.,
Patchwork sings an audience
favorite - Remember Me, Even
If You Forget. 

Although it appears otherwise,
the Canadian's hair is not
actually on fire.

The show was so completely
sold out that even the American
couldn't find a seat.

Jamie Krutz, the A.C.E. Orchestra,
manages to perform beautifully
even though he is missing the upper
third of his guitar.

Making their first Olympic
appearance in Cart Skating, Matyus
and Boriska, from Hungary, wow the

Here Boriska executes the move that
has made her famous in Cart Skating

Overwhelmed by their unexpected
perfect score.

The Biddies stirred up quite
a fuss in Manitou by not fully
addressing the mystery of the
shrunken American flag. (Truth be
told, Mable shank it in the wash
at the Suds n' Go.)

Judging by the lack of dead deer on
stage, it's apparent the folks in
Manitou need to work a little on their
eye to hand coordination.

Barbara sings jubilantly
about driving her
beloved "Boobaru."


Chase Manhattan cuts his
contestants no slack when hosting
"Who Wants to Eat Some Pie."

After getting through some tough pie-
elated questions, the winner of "Who
Wants to Eat Some Pie" fulfills the
game's title.

Complete with a Pie-o-lin 


A.C.E.'s trip to Manitou could
not be complete without leaving
a trail of baby powder out the back
door and into the adjacent alley.

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