September 2005

Reading up on the history of Oak
Creek.  Interesting place - to say
the least.
"And terror begat genius, and
genius begat hilarity..."

A.C.E. performed as a part
of the annual Oak Creek Labor Day

Not sure why they felt the need to
actually block off the main street for
the festival - the two booths of wind
chimes would have fit on the

Paul and Matthew discover that their
coal mining days are over...or
perhaps never began.

Very accurate name. It was,
indeed,in Colorado and there was
absolutely no doubt is was a bar.

This moment perfectly depicts the
absolute lawlessness that pervaded
the entire show.

Probably due to the strange karmic
forces at work in Oak Creek, the
threesome never once stood on stage
in A.C.E. order. Hmmm.

No, no, there not being held up by
bank robbers - it wouldn't have been
possible since the whole of Oak
Creek's police force was in
attendance at the show...on duty...and drinking.

It's still anybody's game in the Kiss
The Pig (read: cop) contest (this is an annual
event, mind you.)
It is nice to know, at least in one town, A.C.E.'s fan base is equivalent to the
entire population.

A.C.E. had the opportunity to clear
up the details of Oak Creek's sordid
past - which somehow involved
Mother Theresa...or should have.

Back to the real world - the land of
bizillion dollar mansion-condos in
Steamboat Springs.


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