August 2004

A.C.E. explored the magic of water in a show that culminated with a parody of Cirque du Soleil's water show in Las Vegas. inspiration in this totally improvised show.
The Synchronize Car Washing team
did what ever it  took to make their
last few dollars that would get them
to Athens.

The Twinkling Tanawolski's, the tap
dancing siblings from Tennessee,
opened the show for A.C.E.

Only A.C.E.'s Canadian can
execute a perfect swan dive into 24"
of water.

"At the Movies" explored some of
the lesser known aquatic films, like
"Anaconda, The Musical."


Sally Mother's from Ocean Journeys,
struggles to keep her octopus
under control.

Some well prepared audience
members take cover.

Sally loses her struggle.

Renee and Pascal, hosts of PBS's
not so popular show - The Under Sea
World of Renee Coustau.

Pierre reports in live from the
submersible.  Showing the audience
that things under the sea are quite
scary, but maybe not in the way they
were thinking.

Long John Jamie, the A.C.E.
Orchestra, swashes his
buckle on the very swabby
A.C.E. proves the axiom, you do
always hurt the one you love.

They also prove that love it's totally
worth it.

A.C.E.'s dramatic finale
encompassing all that is haunting,
beautiful and ridiculous about Cirque
du Soleil's water show - O!

See reenactment of O! parody -

Photos by Peggy Irelan - click here.
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