March 2003

The post-pilot party gets out of hand.

The ladies behind the glamour.

The boys chuckle about Matthew's
sudden need for back surgery.

If not for their support the pilot would
be not.

Barbara's Canadian family
enjo..uhm....Talent Scouts! Yeah,
Talent Scouts...

The infamous Peggy the Pixie Stick,
of the not so famous song, "Peggy
the Pixie Stick" (Festival For the senses
2002) and her husband Jim who

Prior to being told it was making
folks uncomfortable, The Englishman
gauges audience reaction from
a slightly awkward vantage point.

To ready himself for the real thing,
Matthew practices making big
TV deals with a friend, first.

The American's pants were reportedly
sighted from as far away as Limon.

Thanks to Rattlebrain Theatre for
such a beautiful venue for the

A.C.E. in the
sort of.
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