April 2002

A.C.E. took their audience beneath, beyond and behind the lavish props and costumes of A.C.E. for a completely spontaneous evening of comedy, music and thoughtful silliness.

It is evident that A.C.E. got all
their dance moves from the

Barbara sings of the struggles of
living in a foreign land.

Matthew is never alone on stage,
he can carry on a scene with a 
fellow player...or his hand.

Even though they are deftly played, 
the Canadian has a hard time
realizing Linda and Matthew are
suddenly giraffes.

As a grand finale, A.C.E. acted out
the original version of Little Red
Ridinghood, called "Triplets in the
Woods with Hoods."

The American proves that donning a
jacket backwards gives you complete
authority over a scene. 

This was A.C.E.'s final performance
at the Avenue Theatre.  The venue
of their birth. It had to shut its
doors in 2002 after 16 years.
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