June 2005

A completely spontaneous evening with A.C.E. at the Playwright Theatre, once known
as the Avenue Theatre - birthplace of A.C.E. (Playwright Theatre info)

Linda lovingly and in the most
caring fashion tosses Matthew
to the ground.

Having no use for an Englishman
in this scene, he is put into cold
storage under Barbara's jacket.

No, no, Linda's not 7 feet tall, this
fantastic illusion is all thanks to
A.C.E.'s new visual effects

X...or T?  Either way, very serious.

Given the choice, A.C.E.
prefers a more loungy style of
improv, than what was modeled
in Calgary.

Well, what did you think
would happen when you make
a U-turn with a couch?

Ashley explains to Brittany
the wonders of coming of age.

The joys of owning a Swede.

In an amazing feat of magic, the
Englishman goes back in time
39 years.

So it is true! Spiders
can tell time.

A.C.E. brings to light the many
people of Persia who cannot
afford a properly fitted fez.

Not exactly the pole-dance
the audience was hoping for.


Although completely edible, a
pair of Crocs does exceed ones
recommended daily allowance.

Little Yellow Riding Hood is
much scarier than the wolf.

A.C.E. proves that ones height is
inversely proportional to the pitch
of ones voice.
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