Birmingham, Alabama


A.C.E. performed at The Club high atop Vulcan Mountain near downtown Birmingham. Click here to learn why there is a Vulcan in Birmingham.

A.C.E. breaks in the new shwag...
A.C.E. is officially a gang.
Much to the chagrin of the locals, Jamie, The A.C.E. Orchestra, sang "Sweet Home Alabama" continuously for their entire stay.
Comedians have it made in Birmingham.
The stunning view outside "The Club" atop Mnt. Vulcan.
The stunning view from A.C.E.'s hotel room atop the 3rd floor of the Hampton Inn.
"Batter Up" A syrupy tale of love

Envision A.C.E. driving down the highway on their way out of town...then click here to get the full effect.
Y'all come back now!