A.C.E. had Easter week at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancún, Mexico - April 15 - April 20. They spent most of their time pushing the envelope of the resort's "all-inclusive" policy.

A.C.E. departed for Cancun on Easter morning and made sure they didn't miss out on any Easter egg hunting.

The Canadian searches with
great consternation for the last
Easter egg.

After three rounds of egg hiding in a row of
three seats, one would think all of the good
hiding places would have been used...

Not so!

The job doesn't seem so
glamorous at 5:00 in the morning.
The American discovers that the
brochure wasn't lying...if she sat
in the whirlpool way over against 
the wall, propped up on the phonebook,
she could, indeed, view the ocean
from her room.
What a view! Which way would you like to point the binoculars?

The girls never really believed Matthew when he said he could sail. (Now they figure all those things he said about dating Michelle Pfeiffer must be true as well.)
  Because they could, A.C.E. held their weekly business meeting on a sand bar in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

In complete defiance of the
rule, The American actually
consumes her lunch in the pool.
On with the show! Once again A.C.E. takes the stage as part of the Hunter Douglas Innovation Celebration.

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