A.C.E. spent five wonderful days in Lisbon, Portugal March 19 - 23. After just a few days of port wine and octopus the trio felt like true Lisbians.

International travel is so glamorous.
The well-traveled Canadian gets her first glimpse of "The Continent."

Rock star treatment never
 felt so good.

Mable and Mable 
pose with the main attraction
at a Hunter Douglas reception...
the slicer, not the slicee.
It's not all play and no work for the 
trio...well, except for the fact that
their work resembles play quite

Dr. Lillan Dayes discusses the finer
points of her "Up and Out" theory
of jet-lag with a weary traveler.
Finally an icon Matthew can
identify with.

(Also, meet Ron Spies, the
Hunter Douglas man-with-a-vision that
made the trip possible.  The
peppy look is genuine.)

No mass transit system is mass
enough for the impatient Gehring.
Welcome to A.C.E.'s Interactive Europe! Play "Guess who ordered what!" Look at the beverages below and decide which member of A.C.E. ordered which drink. Click on the picture to check your answer.



The city of Lisbon only
allows one advertisement at a time.
Window Coverings and More

(A twelve part mini series on the window coverings industry as seen through the eyes of people who don't fully understand it.)

Lesson 1

This is a tassel.  Tassel stands for
Totally Astronomical Stringy Stuff Exported Legally.
Estimated* retail value of this tassel - $1500
(By estimated, we mean made-up)


The perfect room for
your perfect Manhattan.
To see pictures of the Hunter Douglas Show in Lisbon - click here.

Another great day at the office.
Thanks for stopping by, Cheers!