Nassau, Bahamas

A.C.E. cruised from Cape Canaveral to Nassau, Bahamas - March 14 - 18 on the beautiful and intimate...well, beautiful anyway, "Fantasy" cruise ship.

The A and the C fly prepared for
any holiday or special occasion.

The first day of A.C.E.'s extravaganza
also happened to be the
Englishman's birthday!

Who says United is the friendly skies?
Continental  sings Happy Birthday
when you check in.

Nell, in the row behind, happened
to have a birthday as well, only she
was turning she said.

A.C.E. only feels comfortable traveling when
their luggage out-weighs them 3 to 1.
A.C.E. discovers the exact moment when streamers become trash.

Although, not part of the official
lifeboat drill, Matthew and Barbara
 took it upon themselves to practice
their screams of terror and
general pandemonium.

Despite the look, Barbara didn't actually
hear one word of the instructions.

Designed to keep you breathing in the
water, life jackets can easily suffocate
you on dry land.
The trio has an opportunity to swim with
"Andy The Dolphin" and
harass his trainer, Roscoe as well.
  A.C.E. hides their disappointment when they discover Flipper Productions has no need for a comedy trio at this time. (Although, the production manager's secretary said they would keep their name on file ...or in the trash can, she wasn't sure which.)

The actual son of a sister of a dolphin
that shared a pool with the daughter of 
the original Flipper!
Another great day at the office.

A Leatherman is not a toy. Not recommended for children under 41.
20 minutes later. (Unretouched photo)