New York / Canadian Cruise

A.C.E. cruised from New York City to Halifax, Canada - June 6 - 11 aboard Carnival's newest ship, The Victory. A.C.E. thought this was an appropriate name for their final trip with Hunter Douglas.

Barbara had a bad run-in with this particular bit of ocean motif.

Now old hats at the cruising thing, A.C.E. takes the life boat drill quite seriously.

Way to cheap to actually buy the eight
dollar photo, A.C.E. finds a way to
bring home the memories anyway.
For a true Canadian the Stanley Cup finals is way more important the ultra-fun scavenger hunt taking place on the Lido deck. (We use the word "ultra" loosely...)
Most people don't realize that a standard cruise ship is actually 60% chrome and neon.
The American contemplates removing her eyeballs to avoid seeing another nautically themed piece of abstract art.

In Canada
  Luckily, with some strategically smeared Vaseline, the American avoids an embarrassing international incident.

  A.C.E. spent a good deal of time contemplating exactly what, indeed, that sailor has slung over his shoulder.
  Sometimes Canadians just don't know.
  Click here to find out why rickshaws always come with a blanket.
  The Hunter Douglas panel of experts discovered what is behind the door, innocuously labeled "Tender Embarkation."


  This is A.C.E. watching the sea for whales and dolphins.
  This is what A.C.E. saw in between seeing whales and dolphins.
The final Hunter Douglas Innovation Celebration of 2001



Guess which member of A.C.E. made which towel sculpture.
"Anteater" An outstanding piece from the Animals of the African Night Collection.
The Stanley Cup in Towel
A baseball cap wearing octopus.