A.C.E. in Salt Lake City

October 29 & 30, 2001 for Microsoft's launch of Windows XP While in town to perform at the Microsoft event, A.C.E. gets the opportunity to have a sneak preview of the Olympic city as it readies itself for the coming games. See pictures of the Microsoft show

Beautiful Park City

During a short excursion,
 The Canadian
is hit on by a local.

After accepting the date, Barbara
has a few questions about bear

Onion rings...Olympic rings,
shameless advertising for
the Olympics is everywhere.

Oftentimes on the road
the only source of fiber
is your garnish.

Matthew is the only man able to
simulate the effects of 7G's
while sitting still.

The family that runs this fudge
store has 12 children.

Even with 12 people working
there, they still require you to
make your own.

Someday, A.C.E. hopes to have
a monkey on the payroll to 
take care of jobs like this.