August 2006 - A.C.E. spent three days together in Keystone while performing for Matrix.

The true glamor of the comedians life.

Speaking of glamour...

Klein shows her amazing range. Able
to play both a creepy looking old-guy
and Michael Score from Flock of

Back at the condo, A.C.E. enjoys an
evening with veteran performer,
Isabella Gehring.  Ms. Gehring could
only stay a few minutes before flying
out to Vegas for her stand-up act.

It's quite possible that over the years
A.C.E. has broken the world record
for number of meal eaten in

With the help of Matthew’s computer
tutorials Linda is slowly starting to
get the hang of a PC. “Now double
click to open it. No, double click,
that’s two.”

What are you staring at? Haven't you
ever seen a grown man in a green
leotard holding a toothbrush?  Jeez,
you don't get out enough.

Feeling winded at 10,000 feet, the
Canadian silently longs for the day
when A.C.E. has roadies to blow-up
their balloons.

A.C.E. is conducting a two-year
study to decide if what they get paid
to do is actually "work."  This day the
test results were decidedly, No.
The Pickle Puzzle

Suspiciously, there was a giant dill
pickle served in ever box lunch over
the three day event.  There were
beautiful turkey wraps, nicely tossed
pasta salad, a gourmet cookie...and
a whole pickle in a ziplock.

Barbara took the opportunity to
prepare herself for the possible Pickle
Spokes model audition that could
come her way.

Having been warned by his doctor
that his nitrates are low, Matthew
consumes his pickle purely for
medicinal purposes.

Their meeting was cut short when the Englishman dislocated from gaping at the spectacular scenery.

As part of an A.C.E. outing on the second day, the Gehring family discovers the joys...or is it mild-amusment...of geocaching.

To see pics of A.C.E. on stage during their performances in Keystone - click here.
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