April 2006

A.C.E. was invited back to the Manitou Art Theatre for a second run of performances.

The A.C.E. gang decides to
explore downtown Manitou Springs during
their day off in between shows.

The Englishman took this antique
game a little too seriously.

Taylor's exuberant display upon winning his
tenth match in a row was of a magnitude not
seen before on this side of the pond.  (The A
and C were able to post his bail prior to the
start of that evenings show.)

After this display of driving skill by the
men of the A.C.E. family, the girls
promptly took their car keys.

As he launches is last ski-ball, Paul,
the Canadian's husband, ponders how
a game involving rolling a small
wooden sphere up a ramp ever
garnered the name "ski" ball.

Too young to actually throw a ball, Barbara
pushes her baby up the ramp to see how
many points a bassinet scores.

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