July 2002

A.C.E. heads to points north and annual Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada
When A.C.E. arrived in Montreal, there was a low-pressure complaining front hanging over the entire city. Unknowingly, it affected them all quite severely...

Matthew complained that he was too full.

The trio complained that the in-room
coffee pot had a broken indicator.

The Englishman complained of a sore
neck from the plane ride.

Paul, the tech wizard, shows a
clearly complainy attitude toward the
firmness of his bed.

The room came with no swizzle
sticks so A.C.E. was forced to stir
their coffee with a pen...their own
pen, none the less!

Barbara was very complainy about
the slow speed of her internet

Linda complained that her food wasn't
Greek enough.
Fortunately, the front moved on out over the Atlantic Ocean after about 24 hours, bringing relief to Montreal area, but reports immediately began rolling in about fisherman job-dissatisfaction rates soaring through the roof.

The American and the Canadian
determine that "The Butt
Stops Here."

Confused by the life-likeness of the
carving, Matthew tries to feed
a rare Canadian Loon.

Silvery ceiling, Chinese lettering,
lots of budging in line...the Hong
Kong experience is complete at Kam
Fung Dim Sum.
Schmoozing is not easy work, but A.C.E. dug deep and found they,
indeed, had the stamina to make it in the comedy industry.

At a party hosted by the Hollywood
Reported, A.C.E. was the proud
winner of the coveted wool and
leather jacket which came in quite
handy in the 90 degree heat.

A.C.E. fell in love with
the girls from Dragappella.
Check out their website.

Taking advantage of
Scott Thomson's disorientation and
confusion, Paul grabs the photo-op
before the Kids In The Hall star
has time to flinch.

Scoring a very strategic table at a
late-night industry party, A.C.E.
provides a backdrop for the live
broadcast on CBC.

Matthew is forced in to hiding after
consuming some of the angry
"Tooligan's" margarita.  
(Talent Agent + Hooligan = Tooligan)

The A and the C show off
their "No-Really-I'm Completely
Interested in What Your Are Saying"
schmoozing smiles.

An adoring herd of beach
balls rush the threesome for
autographs during a Hollywood
Reported barbecue.

Unlike most parties, the
dress code for this one was
very specific.

Their trip to Montreal really paid
big dividends if the number of
business cards acquired is any
All allegations that the cards
were illegally obtained are
completely unsubstantiated.

Having avoided wearing matching
t-shirts during the actual festival,
A.C.E. breaks with tradition with 
the hopes of gaining preferential 
treatment on the plane.
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