A.C.E. makes
their national
television debut.

A.C.E. was asked by "Across
America" producers to perform one
of their signature comedy bits for an
upcoming episode.

A.C.E. gets hitched with the Historical Elitch Gardens Theatre

A.C.E. has been working closely with the Historic Elitch Gardens Theatre Foundation which is heading up the renovation and re-invention of the 112 year-old theatre, slated to open it's doors once again in 2005.

The Foundation has been using A.C.E.'s creativity and talents in their fundraising efforts and will have A.C.E. as part of the regular line-up once the theatre opens again.

Kevin Causey, executive director of the project, named A.C.E. the Official Comedy Group of the Historic Elitch Gardens Theatre because in his words, "They're the funniest thing on the planet."

To read an article about the project - click here.

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